Criminal Law
The experience gained as a former Assistant District Attorney and with over thirty years of experience you can rest assured that you will receive the proper advice if you or a family member is arrested. Know your rights! The Law Offices of Stephen A. Brown handles felony, misdemeanor, traffic tickets and DWI cases. Call the attorney with the background and experience.

Personal Injury
With a wealth of information and experience from over thirty years handling personal injury cases both on the plaintiff and defendant side you will receive the resolution of your case that you deserve and the law allows. Having worked for insurance companies as a Senior Trial Attorney I know what the insurance companies are looking for and what they will pay.

Estates/ Wills/ Probate/ Estate Planning
Whether you need a simple will or a more complicated trust or you have questions about Medicare or Medicaid we can answer your questions.

Guardianships and Elder Law
As people get older it may become more difficult to handle personal affairs and property management or a nursing home may be necessary. There may be someone in your family that needs a guardian due to an accident or illness. Not only the elderly need the appointment of a guardian. How do you protect your assets from Medicare? We can answer your questions. 

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
You may be buying or selling residential or commercial real estate. We have extensive experience with either transaction.

Whether you need an experienced trial lawyer as a business to bring an action for breach of contract or your neighbor has erected a fence on your property we can help.

We can help you to file that new corporation or dissolve an existing corporation. Prepare shareholder agreements or operating agreements.

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