Criminal Law / D.W.I. / Traffic Violations
Appearing in court on a criminal or traffic matter can be a very difficult experience without an attorney. The experienced attorney can provide the necessary counsel to advise you on what to expect and your options in any type of case from a speeding ticket to more serious criminal offenses. As a former prosecutor in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office I can advise you of the proper decisions to make with regard to criminal charges or traffic offenses and the penalties you may face. Without proper counsel you may lose your license unnecessarily or worse spend time in jail. Only an attorney who knows the system as I do can properly represent you.

Personal Injury/ Accidents
Do you know what you rights are if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident? What about a work related or construction accident? Who pays your medical bills and you lost wages after a motor vehicle accident? As a former Senior Trial Attorney for major insurance companies I have invaluable experience in this area of the law. I am able to effectively communicate with the insurance companies and preparing your case for settlement negotiations or trial. I can assist you in obtaining medical benefits and lost earnings from your own carrier.
I can also assist you in having the proper insurance. Many people carry only minimum liability coverage. However, if you are involved in an accident with a motorist who carries the minimum insurance limits you may only collect that person’s minimum policy. Did you know that if you possess higher limits you can dramatically increase your potential recovery? How can you do this? There is a part of your policy called Supplementary Uninsured Motorist benefits. As long as your liability coverage is higher than the policy covering the other vehicle you are eligible to make a claim under your own policy for these benefits. Usually the cost to increase your liability from the minimum $25,000/$50,000 to $100,000 is not very much. I can answer any questions you may have regarding whether you have a valid cause of action and what potential sources you may have to recover from.

Real Estate
There are many issues to be addressed when selling or purchasing a home or commercial property. Whether buying or selling it is important to retain an experienced attorney. Did you know that Sellers are now required to make certain disclosures or pay a credit to the buyer? This office has years of experience in real estate and can answer any of your questions.

Wills and Estates
It is very important to have a will. It is even more important when you have children. Sometimes the reluctance to draft a will may be due to issues involving the naming of a guardian for the children. Whatever the reason for delaying the preparation of a will you are risking losing control of your estate should you pass away without one. Without a will the court will chose a guardian and pursuant to the law, and not your wishes, distribute the assets of your estate. The fee for drafting a will along with a Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Proxy is minimal compared to your peace of mind. Whether all of these other documents are necessary for you should be discussed with an attorney. These days estate planning is critical. Medicaid issues need to be discussed and understood.

In any business venture whether an individual or company contracts are breached and litigation mayy be necessary.

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